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As a WordPress user, it's apparent that you will be using a wide range of plugins to run your website. The good news is that we developed the theme to support all popular and necessary plugins. It will seamlessly work with the plugins you currently use and will need on your website in the future.
Our theme is compatible with all of the major, most-used, and latest browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. As it's cross-browser compatibility tested, you can use it on websites that target visitors from different browsers.
Over time, you may need to make changes to several aspects of your website. It's possible with our theme, as it's easy to customize. You can personalize fonts, color combinations, images, the navigation menu, layouts, and many more components with ease. You can attach elements that complement your brand and reflect your choice. 
Of course, our theme is a blend of excellent aesthetics and advanced functionality. We integrated all the components that can enhance the elegance, style, and user experience. It will be aesthetically pleasing not only for you but also for your potential audience. 
We feel happy to articulate that our theme is completely mobile-responsive. We tailored it to provide a mobile-friendly experience on websites, eliminating the chance of a drastic traffic drop. To be honest, our theme is optimized to be functional and adaptable to devices of different sizes. 
Yes, it's completely SEO-optimized. We assembled all the components that can make your website compliant with holistic search engine ranking factors. That means your websites will get a higher rank in the search engine result pages, as long as you leverage the full potential of our theme.